David Fryda

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David Fryda

Accredited Expertship Coach


I’m a Melbournian through and through, and as such I enjoy fine wine, good food and good coffee! I’m married with two sons in their 20s, and we love to travel as a family – although the boys are only keen if we’re going somewhere really interesting now – so we’re planning on exploring South America sometime soon.

I’m also a competitive bridge player and I bought myself an e-bike last year, although I try not to participate in those activities simultaneously. My reading tastes are wide and varied, having recently enjoyed Michelle Obama’s autobiography, and before that Stephen Fry’s book about Greek Mythology.

Professional background

I have been working in IT for all of my career, which I can hardly believe is now over 35 years! I started in technical roles, back in the mainframe days and then moved on to managerial roles including Project and Program Management.

I held a variety of CIO roles for about 15 years, and then after some time off I joined an IT Managed Services organisation, with responsibility for delivering services. Since becoming a people manager, a passion of mine has been helping others to grow and develop. I’ve also learned so much along the way, from the people I’ve managed and coached over the years.

Whilst I was a CIO I recommended the Expertunity course to several of my team members, and before long, I willingly joined the team of coaches.

What single innovation, from your area of expertise,
has had the greatest impact on the world?

Although the architecture of computing really hasn’t changed very much over the years, the way it is interfaced has. This has got to be the biggest change. The world of phones, laptops & watches, versus the old school of punch cards, tape & terminals. The speed, and scale possible now is incredible. My phone has sixteen thousand times more memory than the first mainframe I worked on!

Favourite Expert Quote

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”


  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

Facilitation Style

I tend to practice an explorative style. Encouraging people to try out new ideas and thoughts. Small steps, which sometimes end up in breakthrough.

Coaching Style

I try to guide, and allow people to find their own way. More often than not, we’ll both end up learning as we go, as every developmental journey is different. Which is actually why I enjoy what I do so much.