Advanced Stakeholder management: a one day workshop to help you manage challenging, apparently hostile or disengaged stakeholders

Need to be more convincing in stakeholder conversations?

Can’t seem to convince one specific stakeholder to work with you?

Need to manage apparently hostile or difficult stakeholders?

Advanced Stakeholder Management (ASM) is a new, one-day intensive course for Expertship alumni. Extending the techniques you learned in your Mastering Expertship program, ASM adds a new, advanced toolkit to go deeper into one of the hardest challenges you face in your day to day work. That is: managing the competing and conflicting demands of multiple stakeholders. 

ASM is a practical experience that asks participants to work collaboratively on real-life problems: a conversation that did not play out as you’d hoped, a crisis where stakeholders did not provide the support you needed, or a challenging interaction with a particularly difficult stakeholder.

What’s the aim? Whatever difficult issues you’ve faced, to always do better the next time round.

And once the workshop is over, as with all Expertship programs, coaching continues. This continued support will help bring to life your ambitious new plans for high-value stakeholders – and hold you accountable to reach your new goals. You can work with a new stakeholder coach, or your original Expertship coach – whichever feels best to you. 

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Advanced Stakeholder Management For Experts

Stakeholder management is a skill where few can claim they have nothing left to learn – particularly technical specialists, who routinely have 60+ stakeholders to prioritise.

When experts complete their Mastering Expertship qualification, stakeholder engagement is most frequently the area in with experts urgently plan to take future action.

What happens then? A new set of challenges surface. In the past, any positive stakeholder interaction would feel like a step forward. But now you’re playing for higher stakes, trying to create long-term relationships and positive feeling between stakeholders and yourself.

Suddenly, the disadvantage of previous approaches becomes clear – but the gap widens between where you are now and where you want to be.

We’ve had a lot of requests for assistance with stakeholders, and we’ve introduced ASM to help you navigate with this challenging next phase of your expert journey. It’s an interactive, highly collegiate way to explore new approaches:

  • Replacing transactional interactions with ongoing, positive relationships
  • Positioning your projects as exciting, impactful and aligned to company strategy
  • Understanding and eliminating distrust


To adopt new tactics:

  • Making your ideas “core”
  • Leveraging the motivational drivers of stakeholders
  • Negotiating complex matrix approvals and reporting lines
  • Creating agreement without formal authority
  • Projecting natural seniority and impact


And – like all Expertship programs – ASM helps you find new ways to use existing tools, and to add new tools to your toolkit.

  • The seven common motivational drivers
  • Advanced stakeholder audits and health checks
  • Trust models
  • Needs analysis frameworks
  • Advanced stakeholder mapping
  • Advanced stakeholder engagement strategies


Register below. The program is $2450 for non-alumni experts, and $1895 for Mastering Expertship alumni. That cost includes: 

  • Pre-workshop check-in
  • One day intensive workshop 
  • Two coaching calls following the workshop to keep you accountable to your stakeholder goals. 

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