Accredited Expertship Coaching

Written by Alistair Gordon 10 Jun 2020

Our coaching team understanding the concept of expertship, and the nuances of the Expertship Model are critical success factors in delivering consistent high quality learning outcomes for our expert participants. Expertunity provides three levels of coaching accreditation for expertship coaches.

Master Expertship Coach accreditation

At this highest level of accreditation, expertship coaches have attended at least three Mastering Expertship programs, one as a participant, and two as co-facilitators). That’s 15 days of exposure to the programs content and how experts react to it. They have, of course, also read all the literature (the Expertship Growth Guide, and Master Expert). In fact, they are likely to have contributed to these two publications. They will have also coaches many experts, and provided many Expertship 360 feedbacks.

Master Expertship Coaches will have invested a huge amount of time in getting accredited. These are the only coaches authorized globally to deliver our programs (Mastering Expertship and Leader of Experts).

Expertship Coach accreditation

These coaches are accredited to deliver coaching and Expertship 360 feedbacks. While some have attended the Mastering Expertship program, they are all very capable coaches, and have either formal qualifications in coaching, or have been experts and leaders of experts for many years, or both.

They will be across all the literature and have attended our accreditation sessions.

Getting accredited

Admittance to Master Expertship Coach level is by invitation only. Becoming an Expertship Coach requires attendance at a formal accreditation process, run from time to time by Expertunity. We run accreditation programs in-house for HR teams wishing to introduce expertship programs and the Expertship 360 into their organizations.

Please contact us for details.

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