How to be a master expert - a new expertship book to launch 2021

Written by Grant Heinrich 06 Aug 2020

Master Experts? They’re rare, but they’re out there

You find Master Experts in any technical field - engineering, software, science and research, the law, medicine, finance and the economy, data and more.

They’re the trusted organisational all-rounders to whom the organisation listens. They’re strong on strategy, with people, at knowing which organisational levers to pull and when. They understand value, risk and reward, and when they decide an idea is worth pursuing, it gets done.

Somehow, they’ve mastered Expertship - all the untaught, unmentored and often unexplained non-technical skills that a technical specialist needs to get ahead.

And now these skills are available to everyone.

Distilling tens of thousands of hours of coaching work with technical specialists into a single guidebook, How to be a Master Expert is the first manual to comprehensively detail every skill a Master Expert uses to surmount the people and organisational challenges that surround the technical world.

There’s 50 chapters packed with new ideas and techniques. Dip in and out as your career presents new challenges, or use our process to build a long-term personal growth plan.

Start your journey to Master Expert today.


How to be a Master Expert gives experts and development teams a plan to develop the most effective style of experts.

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