Struggling to develop, motivate and retain individual contributors or technical specialists? Or to hire the right people in the first place?

How do you…

  • Shape a coherent career plan for high-potential technical staff and other experts with no interest in management
  • Maintain motivation and engagement for very bright experts trapped in a cycle of high workloads, repetitive problem solving, and little thanks
  • Reduce ‘single point of failure’ risk, where an overloaded expert becomes the only person who can solve a problem
  • Plan for succession of experts
  • Reduce the danger of flight risk of overworked, unappreciated or unchallenged experts
  • Ensure expert innovation achieves its full business potential

Expertship is a transformative new approach to the development of tech, financial, engineering, scientific, legal, acturial, manufacturing and other experts – the unsung heroes who keep the lights on in your business. It’s a new way to approach employee potential. Across a six-month intensive process of workshops and one-on-one coaching, Expertship challenges experts to apply their intelligence to your business problems. It pushes each expert to create real impact and genuinely collaborative work. And once the program is done, our alumni network helps keeps experts accountable to their goals, ensuring the Expertship toolkit is not forgotten.

It’s an HR and OD strategy that sits alongside traditional development of people managers – but aims at a quite different outcome. Leadership development is for employees who have the potential to be great people managers. Expertship is for staff whose ideas have the potential to transform your business.

Mastering Expertship, the program, is avail;able either as a face-to-face workshop delivery, or in a virtual coaching pods delivery, which is now very popular. 

THE CHALLENGE: Experts aren’t easy

Your organisation almost certainly has a stream of talent initiatives for people leaders. Expertship is a stream of talent initiatives custom built for your technical experts.

Why? Because experts have never been more important, or more in demand. You have to hang on to and motivate those you already have.

You’ll be familiar with these challenges if you are a leader of a department or team of technical experts. How do you challenge bright, often cynical, and very well paid technical experts? Particularly when there’s always another organisation who’ll pay them more.

Challenge them to bridge the Expert Gap.

The expert gap

Most experts super-invest in their technical skills, but they under-invest in enterprise skills. They don’t accurately price risk or reward when asking their leaders to invest in innovation. They don’t think it’s their problem to sell their projects to leaders, boards and CEOs. They struggle to influence co-workers and leaders of teams.

As a result, they don’t tell a good, convincing story about innovation. And they can’t really be expected to improve if their organisations won’t give them the tools and coaching they need.

Enter the Expert Gap. It demonstrates the growth needed to shift from a super-technical “specialist” to a more strategic “expert” to then become a “master expert”. Someone whose Expertship lets them proactively introduce and lead innovation, guide overall company strategy and add value to your bottom line.

The Expert Gap challenges experts to become a better Expert. The Expertship Model then shows them how to get there…

The Expertship model

A development model is a basis for comparison, detailing the three domains (technical, stakeholder relationship and business value) and the nine capabilities in which a Master Expert must excel. It’s a guide for discussion about performance, impact and collaboration.

(Download a detailed description.)

Ultimately, the Expertship model helps experts identify the skills to improve to reach master expert level across six months of intensive development with coaches, facilitators, their manager and other experts.

Six months of development

Most experts start with the Mastering Expertship program: six months including a 4.5 day workshop, a 360 review with direct and indirect stakeholders, and two follow up coaching sessions that include the expert’s manager.

After Mastering Expertship, it’s common for the expert feedback forms to explicitly thank their organisations for investing in them. They’ve feel noticed – their enterprise development has been invested in, not just their technical skills.

For most experts, that’s a sea-change moment. To maintain progress on that growth, we’re  always willing to help match up alumni to establish accountability groups, to run in-house or broader expert networking, and more.

And it’s not the only positive thing experts say.

Expertship: the benefits for experts

Our clients have sent us accountants, actuaries, chemists, coders, consultants, economists, engineers, financial experts, hardware specialists, heads of compliance, information architects, insurance experts, lawyers, medical experts, risk managers – the list goes on.

One client saw such strong return that they’ve enrolled more than 100 of their most critical staff through the program.

But the most telling feedback we receive is at the end of an expert’s six month Expertship journey. Was that difficult challenge worth the time and energy invested? Did it make a difference?

Respondents are overwhelmingly positive.

Our 4.5 day Mastering Expertship workshop has an average NPS score of 70-90%. That is, at least 70% of participants scored their program a 9 or 10 out of 10. 

Expertship: the benefit for organisations

Expertship unleashes business innovation. By providing a host of previously ‘left out’ employees with a distinct and recognisable career path, organisations instantly power up their most important engine for new ideas. And as individual contributors develop their Expertship skills, they’ll identify promising individuals to whom they share knowledge, encouraging others to follow the same path. Single points of failure disappear.

After a workshop, managers of experts report that their previously disengaged staff exhibit greater engagement and motivation, an eagerness to take on a wider variety of work with greater enthusiasm, and increased impact and influence.

And finally, as the word spreads that your organisation actively advances the careers of experts, your brand becomes a great place for experts to work. It becomes easier to hire, and hang on to, the smartest people in the room.

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