HFL branches out with global play called Expertunity – Making Subject Matter Experts better at their jobs

Sydney. 19 May 2019. HFL Leadership, the 30-year old regional leadership development company, has established a new subsidiary to manage its growing Subject Matter Expert development programs globally.

The new subsidiary, named Expertunity, is a wholly owned subsidiary of HFL with representative offices established in London, New York, Singapore and Sydney. The new subsidiary will take over all HFL’s ‘Expertship’ initiatives and programs with immediate effect.

Expertunity has launched its new website (www.expertunity.global) and is promoting its June, July and August Expertship programs under the new Expertunity branding.

‘We have an increasing number of both clients and experts interested in our Expertship programs,” HFL CEO Alistair Gordon said. “It’s confusing for them to come to a people leadership website. We wanted to have a clear identity that experts could connect with, and offer a company and products that are clearly designed by experts for experts.”

Expertunity is designed as a global company from day one, capable of delivering its products and services anyway in the world. “HFL is an Asia Pacific company,” said Mr Gordon. “We can deliver our bespoke leadership development programs anywhere in the region, but realistically we can’t deliver beyond it. That’s not the case with our Expertship programs. We can deliver anywhere, and have already successfully conducted programs in the US, Singapore and New Zealand. Next month we will do so in the UK.”

Expertship programs are specifically designed to assist the professional and personal growth of technical subject matter experts who want to progress as experts, rather than having to switch across to people leadership roles. The new subsidiary has inherited over ten major corporate or institutional clients from HFL, some of which are global organisations looking for the delivery of expertship programs worldwide.

The name Expertunity comes from the combination of the words expert and opportunity. “The provision of expertship programs across the globe represents an opportunity for the world’s experts and for us,” Mr Gordon said.

About Expertunity

Expertunity currently offers two programs, Mastering Expertship for technical experts, Leader of Experts for those executives managing technical teams, and has a bespoke 360 degree multi-rater assessment based on its proprietary Expertship Model. The company will launch its first development guide for technical experts later this month, called the Expertship Growth Guide.


Kirsty Allen