Mastering Expertship is available in two delivery options: a workshop-based execution, or a small group coaching approach – delivered either face to face, but typically virtually.


With four participants, and one expertship coach, small group coaching ‘pods’ are an ideal way get help your experts master expertship. There are many benefits:

  • Very time efficient – the program takes places in two-hour time blocks, once a fortnight, making it easy for experts to be available;
  • One topic at a time – experts tackle a specific topic in each single coaching session, with the ability to go back to the workplace and deploy new skills and behaviours during the two-week gap between sessions; participants tell us they love this design;
  • Real air time for real challenges – the small group coaching format allows each of the four experts real airtime, with their expertship coach, to discuss real challenges, and work together to find real solutions; experts tell us they love this very applied learning design; this aspect particularly appeals to the more introverted experts for whom large workshops are a stressful environment;
  • Creative matching in pods – the small group coaching format allows for great flexibility in bringing four participants together – either from different divisions, domains, geographies, or time zones;
  • Flexible curriculum choices – the small group coaching format allows each pod of four participants to choose different topics, enabling each program to be highly customised; participants (particularly experts) love being able to decide their own curriculum;
  • Just-in-time – clients don’t have to worry about gathering a large list of participants together for a workshop, with just four “program-ready” participants, the pod can be up and running in a fortnight;
  • Multi-client pods are easy too – if you only have one participant, that’s no problem either because Expertunity now offered multi-client pods that start each month; there are very specific advantages to these pods as well, particularly for experts who have worked for just one organisation for six years or more.


The configuration of Mastering Expertship in pods is simple, but very comprehensive:

  • Four participants to a pod;
  • Meeting fortnightly;
  • Eight coaching sessions, one topic at a time; each of these are two hours long, and delivered virtually or face-to-face;
  • Curriculum of 11 topics to choose from;
  • One dedicated Expertship coach throughout the entire four month journey
  • The Expertship 360 survey is included, with 121 feedback;
  • A copy of the Expertship Growth Guide for every participant;
  • Two 121 coaching sessions between an individual participant and the Expertship coach;
  • Comprehensive manager engagement and 3-ways sessions between coach, participant, and their manager;
  • Access to the Expertship learning portal;
  • Access to the Expertship alumni program post program;
  • LinkedIn License for one year, with 27 curated mini-courses to supplement the coaching sessions.

It really is a very comprehensive program that produces outstanding results.


One of the highlights of the small group coaching design is that we have been able to significantly elevate the role managers play in the program. They are involved now throughout the four month journey. How do we achieve this?

  • Induction videos – we have recorded specific videos to help managers understand about the program, the experience their participant will have, and their role as manager during the program; and also a detailed description of the Expertship 360;
  • The Expertship 360managers are involved in helping their participants build a suitable respondent list, and then take part in a 3-way review of themes sessions with their participant, and the Expertship coach;
  • Manager Toolkits – every topic in the small group coaching program has a manager’s toolkit which is emailed to the manager the day after their participant has done the topic; this helps managers have meaningful and informed discussions and follows-ups with their participants, and also helps build their knowledge of the Expertship Model;
  • Access all materials – we provide access for managers to all of the materials on the program via our Learning Portal; and
  • Surveys – we now survey managers twice on the progress their participant is making, and also seeking their feedback on the program so we can improve the manager experience.

All of these measures increase the likelihood of the manager assisting their participant to grow their Expertship skills substantially.


Contact us for more information, or download the sales deck for small group coaching here.

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