Dave Brown

Technical & Transformation Projects

Job Title
Program Director

Leading Gaming Solutions Company

How did the Mastering Expertship program help you?

It was very thorough. It gave me tools I could genuinely use. It wasn’t just another airy fairy course where you sit and listen for multiple days. The program gives you a range of tools, and you can choose which ones are most suited to you or the situation you are in. I could use it in chunks.

Even two years after doing the course I still remember the tools. I can really apply them.

On the course we didn’t just sit and listen, we worked through practical examples that we were able to apply in the workplace afterwards. The material on empathetic listening was very good. So often in my career I have felt that the other person didn’t understand what I was saying, while at the same time I had a feeling that I didn’t understand them. The program really changed that.

What do you do?

I am the bridge between the technology group and the rest of the business. I work with lots of different people within the company. We are constantly being asked to deliver new products, which involves working with lots of stakeholders.

What challenges do you face at work?

Most of my challenges and problems have to do with communication, or the lack of it.

Early in my career I realised that it is very difficult for technical people to make it in senior management, particularly in a company such as ours that is led by sales and marketing. You have a hard time breaking through.

You have to try and talk in terms of what other people understand. Another major challenge in my job is time management. I try to take at least two hours every day when no one is around and just get things done. I can’t do it in normal business hours so I started coming in at 7am.

Then my manager started coming in early and I still didn’t get any peace.

How the program specifically helped Dave:

  • Tools available to use immediately
  • Still using them years afterwards
  • Better ability to listen emphatically
  • Increased ability to communicate effectively