Kellee Wills

Information Technology

Job Title
Senior Messaging and Collaboration Engineer

Government ICT Support

How did the Mastering Expertship program help you?

I would strongly recommend the course to anybody. I got so much out of it. It really changed how I see my role, and how I see myself. I didn’t expect it to delve so much into soft skills that would help me do my job better. I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be dry, but it was anything but.

It really made me realise how my role relates to the business, and doesn’t exist in isolation. The Mastering Expertship program really switched on a light for me.

It made me realise that there is so much more to being a technology person than the technology. I really got a lot out of the stuff on Personal Impact – which is essentially how other people see you.

What do you do?

A server engineer, looking after the systems that run our email, collaboration and mobility applications. We run the IT for most of Victoria’s public servants and we have 60,000 users. Most of my day is spent troubleshooting, tuning the servers when we get ‘third level incidents’ that require work at the back end. I don’t have any direct reports, but I work closely with a team of eight.

What challenges do you face at work?

There are a lot of challenges and irritations. Most of them have been because of the reactive nature of my role – you’re always firefighting and it’s hard to manage your time efficiently.

We deal with a lot of high severity and urgent jobs – that’s the nature of what we do. A lot of it is working with other teams, working across silos, communicating with the network people and the operating systems and identity management people.

One of the key difficulties is that I hold myself to very high standards.

These are not always reflected in how the other teams work, and it can be hard to get the right level of support.

How the program specifically helped Kellee:

  • Changed view of her role
  • Changed the way she looks at herself
  • Learned skills to make her better at her job
  • Greater understanding of how her role relates to the entire business
  • Realised there’s more to her role than just technology
  • Gained insight on how other people see her