Richard Silberman

Insurance Broking

Job Title
Affinity and Structured Portfolio Solutions Placement Leader

Global Professional Services Corporation

How did the Mastering Expertship program help you?

When I came back from the course, for a few weeks I tried hard to implement what I had learnt, than I feel off a cliff. And the lessons came back to me, and I applied the again, then I feel off the cliff again. But each time I found myself operating at a higher level. It’s astonishing how the lessons and techniques I learnt remain applicable to what I am doing as I progress my career.

My advice to anybody considering the program is ‘Just do it!’. You will not be disappointed.

Before I did the Mastering Expertship program, I honestly thought there was something wrong with me.

The program helped me realise that I am far from being alone. There was nothing wrong with me at all, I had just not learnt the right skills. It’s now almost two years since I did the program, and it’s still very relevant to my work and my life.

I think about it all the time. The lessons keep returning to me.

What do you do?

I’m an internal product manage for a range of our Affinity customers. I deal with a lot of associations and organisations that offer insurance to their members. My role is to act as an interface between that part of the business and our other activities.

What challenges do you face at work?

About 80 percent of my time is internal, and even though my role is not supposed to be customer facing, about 20 percent is spent dealing directly with customers.

How did you feel when you were asked to go on the course?

When I first learned I was going on the Mastering Expertship program I thought ‘not another course’. I’ve been on plenty, and they all seemed to comprise of nothing much more than a passive list of what to do.But I tried to go in with an open mind. It was very different to what I expected.

The main thing about the program was its practical nature.

Unlike any other course I’ve ever done, I felt it equipped me with the tools I needed to work more effectively and to advance my career.

How the program specifically helped Richard:

  • Lessons relevant in work and life
  • Techniques applicable as career progresses
  • Began operating at a higher level
  • Relief when he realised nothing was wrong with him
  • Realised he wasn’t alone
  • Discovered skills to learn