Sweta Telkar

Information Technology

Job Title
SAP Design Authority

Asia Pacific Facilities Management

How did the Mastering Expertship program help you?

The program has been a big help. It has made me aware of my positive and negative traits and helped me to be more in tune with myself. It highlighted areas that I needed to improve, as well as areas that I’m strong in, so it has made me more aware of my strengths and weaknesses.

I always felt that I was unable to articulate what I wanted to say. I felt I lacked self-confidence, I did not have a lot of confidence before I assumed this role, and the course has done a lot for my confidence, in a big way.

It’s about having enough business knowledge to be able to challenge the business. Talking in their language has been one of my biggest challenges.

The Mastering Expertship program helps you realise your own potential.

It is not typical training, it is a whole interactive program with a lot of one-on-one interaction.

What do you do?

I am supposed to be in a support role, but that would only be 20 percent of my day. I support the SAP production applications that we use for procurement and finance. SAP is my bread and butter. I do all of the support except for a few things I have to send over to head office in the UK, because all the changes are done over there.

But I spend a lot of time talking to the business, understanding their challenges and seeing how much we can do here, locally.

What challenges do you face at work?

We try to be proactive but often we have to be there doing support.

We try to see if there are any patterns with the type of problem we are getting. If we get a lot of a certain type, then we try to be proactive and get to the root cause. So some of it is reactive, which is what support is – basically, firefighting.

How the program specifically helped Sweta:

  • More in tune with herself
  • More aware of her strengths and weaknesses
  • Gave her more confidence
  • Increased her knowledge to challenge the business
  • Greater ability to ‘talk their language’
  • Helped her realise her potential