What is Expertship?

It’s the ability to see solutions where no one else can, to apply knowledge in alignment with strategy, and to bring others along for the journey.

Why should I care?

If you’re an expert, developing skills in this area will lead to greater job satisfaction, greater influence in the organisation, and more of your ideas will see the light of day.

If you’re an employer, powering up the most intelligent employees in the organisation could be the key to continued relevance in the marketplace.

How do I know it works?

You’ll never know for sure until you try, however 79% of attendees said they would be very, or extremely likely to recommend it to a friend, and here’s a few comments they made.

Have you just made it up?

Yes we coined the term, but it’s the results of years of working in training & development space, and the Expertship Model itself was co-created with a wide variety experts, across a range of disciplines.

What makes it different from leadership?

Leadership helps you get the most out of other people. Expertship helps you get the most out of you, and then helps you influence others.

How do I get better at it?

By looking at The Expertship Model, truthfully assessing your effectiveness and building a Personal Growth Plan to address the areas requiring some work.
Or, sign up to the Mastering Expertship Program, and we’ll help you with that.

How do I know I’m improving?

Apart from the fact that you’ll be ‘getting more done’ than usual, and you’ll be experiencing greater satisfaction in the workplace, you’ll be able to monitor your progress against The Expertship Model.

You can also use the Growth Guidebook, or engage with an Expertship Coach now and again.

As an employer, why should I be interested?

Now more than ever, we live in a commercial environment that’s driven by ideas, and innovation. Disruption is commonplace, obsolescence lurks round every corner, and transformation is a buzzword that’s .

Powering up your experts is the single best way to make the most of the talent you already have in your organisation, and if you don’t, someone else will.

What are enterprise skills?

These are the skills required to effectively interact with the rest of the organisation, outside of your own, technical realm. They can be worked on, and improved through our Mastering Expertship Program.

How do they differ from technical skills?

Technical skills concern the accumulation, and application of subject matter knowledge and expertise. Enterprise skills help you interact, and share that knowledge with the rest of the organisation.


What is Mastering Expertship?

A tried and tested program that helps Experts become more influential in their organisations.

Does it actually work?

For most, yes, it does. 79% of attendees said they would be very, or extremely likely to recommend it to a friend, and you can read what else they’ve said here.

For the remaining 20% however, well, sometimes it’s difficult to get through to people. And if you don’t want to help yourself, then there’s nothing we can do.

Who should attend?

Anyone who’s considered an expert in their organisation. For example, technical experts in the IT, finance, risk, engineering, legal, analytics and science domains will find the course extremely useful. Business partners from change, finance, marketing and HR also are ideal participants.

Can people leaders attend?

Yes, of course, but it’s not really designed for people leaders. If you’re charged with leading a team of experts, then the ‘Leading Experts’ two day program has been designed specifically for you.

How long does it last?

That depends on you, however on average it’s a six month process, as follows:

1st Month

  • 30 minute introduction and one-to one with your coach.
  • Send out the 360 Survey.
  • Four and a half day workshop.
  • Review Survey feedback.
  • Develop Personal Growth Plan.

2nd Month

  • Work on your Growth plan with the help of your Growth Guidebook.

3rd Month

  • 30 minute coaching session

6th Month

  • 30 minute coaching session
Does it have to be that long?

Yes it does, and the more you put into it, the more you get out. For many of our Graduates this is actually the beginning of a lifelong learning habit, building their Enterprise skills alongside their Technical skills.

What if my employees don’t want to go?

Ask them to read the ‘Convince me it works’ page, and if they still don’t want to go, send them this. If they don’t want to go after that, then I don’t think we can help I’m afraid.

What happens on the Workshop?

Sorry about this, but you’ll actually have to work. We’re not going to stand there and tell yo what to do. You’ll have to come to your own conclusions, developed from the collective experience in the room.

The facilitator will guide you through the Expertship Model, but you’re the one doing the heavy thinking.

Rather than ‘Death by PowerPoint’ we like to think it as ‘Death to PowerPoint’!

Who will be in the Workshop with me?

You’ll be rubbing shoulders with an eclectic team of experts, carefully selected from three to five organisations, non-competing of course.

We build groups of 10 – 15 people representing a variety of areas of expertise, and the cross pollination of ideas from these diverse perspectives is not only popular, but hugely beneficial to the process.

Will anyone else from my organisation attend?

It’s possible. We recommend organisations send two or three experts along, potentially from different departments, so there may be someone you know on the course.

Can it be delivered in house?

Yes, although if that’s the case, we’d recommend building teams of experts from different departments. This helps build diversity in the room which leads to a better result, and also helps improve cross-departmental cooperation.

You may want to go this way if you have a large numbers of experts. Up to 24 people can be accommodated in these in-house programs.

How do I nominate someone?

Simply Contact us here and let us know. We’ll organise everything.

What are Personal Growth Plans?

Plans you develop yourself, to address areas where you’re not performing as well as you could be. And although we’ll help you identify those areas, you’re the one who builds the plan.

We’ll polish it and make sure it will develop strengths and build new skills.
We’ll make sure it’s viable, and most importantly, measurable.

However it’s your plan, you need to take ownership as you’re the one who has to put in the hard yards to make it work. We can’t help you with that.

What do I need to do to prepare for the Workshop?

Nothing right now, if you’re signed up to the course a Coach will be in touch soon, and take you through the steps.

Are there any additional materials available to help me learn?

Yes, as follows:

Mastering Expertship Workbook
To be completed during the four and a half day workshop

Expertship Guidebook
To help you work through your Personal Growth Plan.

Expertship 360 Guide
To assist with the 360 Survey

Mastering Expertship Learning Portal.
Access to a host of additional learning tools

What happens after the course is finished?

If you’ve engaged in the process and worked hard at developing your skills, who knows what’s next. Chances are you’re enjoying your work more than you have in a while, and more of your ideas may be seeing the light of day.

If that’s the case you’ll probably continue to invest in your own personal growth, and if you’d like us to help we can arrange periodical Coaching Sessions. Just click here and let us know.

Also, you’re now be part of a global community of Alumni. Experts who share their experiences, and help each other further develop their Expertship skills.
Please take advantage of the service, and enjoy.

Do I get a qualification?

You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion outlining the Program and what you’ve achieved.

Can I put it on my CV?

Yes of course! And don’t forget LinkedIN.


How can you help me lead a team of experts?

Because we’ve done it. Because we’ve consulted with a huge amount of experts on how to do it. And finally, because we developed a two day course that’s been tried, tested and proven to work.

Should I let my team know I’m doing the course?

Yes, absolutely. There should be no cloak and dagger, your team should be aware that you’re going to do the course, and generally, they’re appreciative of the fact. Feel free to send them to the Leading Experts page, so they know what you’re going to be up to.

What if my team find out I’m doing the course?

Don’t let that happen. Just tell them, otherwise you’re eroding trust.

What if my team don’t want me to go?

Ask them to read the Leading Experts page, and try to explain that it will make their lives easier, create a more harmonious environment, and improve the workplace for all team members.

How long will it take?

Two days.

Who else will be on the course?

We try to build a course with Leaders from different, but non-competing organisations. In general, we’ll have at least ten individual attending.

What happens after it’s finished?

The Coach who facilitated your course, will follow up twice to help you apply the skills and techniques in the real world. One week after completion, and a month after that. Further Coaching Sessions are available thereafter, on request.


What is the Expertship 360 survey?

It’s a process where you ask a range of stakeholders a series of questions about your performance. The aim is to determine whether you’re as effective in the organisation, as you think you are.

I’ve done 360s before, how is this one different?

For a start it was developed by subject matter experts, for subject matter experts. It concerns factors such as your problem solving skills, your ability to influence others, and it doesn’t go anywhere near the company values, in the least.

How does it work?

You’ll meet with a Coach who’ll talk you through the Expertship Model.

This is the benchmark we’re going to use to assess your effectiveness in the organisation.

Next, they’ll help you select a range of individuals who’ll be able to offer considered feedback, and answer the Survey questions for you.

Once the results come in we’ll compile a report, and take you through it step by step. Afterwards, we’ll work with you to create a Personal Growth Plan, addressing areas of concern.

What sort of people should be on my respondent list?

People who you work with, people you work for, and people who work for you.

It’s always useful to have representatives from a variety of different departments too, if possible.

What if I get negative feedback?

You will. Everybody does. It doesn’t mean you’re not good at your job, it just means that you’re not amazing at everything. Then we have a look at what you’re not so good at, decide if it’s worth addressing, or whether it doesn’t really matter – and we make a plan.

How long does it take?

30 minute discussion with your coach, you send out the survey giving people three weeks to respond, we compile the results and then meet to discuss. So, approximately one month from beginning to end.

Who will see the results?

Only you and your coach.

Will my boss see the results?

Only if you want them to.

How will this benefit me?

On its own, it won’t benefit you at all. It’ll simply give you an insight into how others see you. What you do with that information, however, and how you act upon it is where the benefits will come from.

How does the debrief work?

You’ll meet with your Coach and step through the results together. They’ll help you discern what’s important, what’s not, what’s an anomaly, and then help you build a plan to address areas where you’ll benefit you the most.

Where do the questions come from?

They were developed by experts from a variety of disciplines, tried, tested and improved over a two year period, and now they’re central to developing your Expertship skills.

How will this help my employees?

It will give them previously hidden insight into their own performance and effectiveness. They’ll emerge with a Personal Growth Plan and if they’re keen to improve, all they have to do is apply themselves to the plan.

What if my employees don’t want to do it?

Ask them to read the ‘Convince me it works’ page, and if they still don’t want to go, send them this. If they still don’t want to, ask them to speak to another employee who’s already been on the course.

If they’re digging their heels in after all that, then perhaps it’s time to ask someone else – who can see the benefit of the investment you’re about to make in their careers.


What do you mean by Expertship Consultancy?

This means if you want to develop your own approach to ‘powering up your experts’ – then we’re happy to help. We’re not precious about it. We have an approach that works, yes, but if your organisation is a little bit different from the rest, then we’ll work with you, share what we’ve learned, and help develop a process that’s all yours.

How does it work?

For the most part you’ll talk, we’ll listen. After we’ve determined the essence of your organisation, and what makes it special, we can work together to develop a plan for bringing out the best in your experts.

How long does it take?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer this. Sorry.

In the past we’ve performed an organisational assessment in a couple of weeks, taken a month (working closely with the business) to develop an approach, which was implemented a month later.

It’s also taken us months just to get enough information to make an accurate assessment. It depends how committed the individuals involved are, to seeing the project through.

What if it doesn’t work?

Then you’ve learned something about your organisation. Maybe some of the assumptions you’ve always made, are not as accurate as you thought. We’d recommend investigating why it didn’t work, and parhaps you’ll uncover an issue worth tackling. Or you’ll learn, adapt the program and try again.

What if it does work?

The sky’s the limit. Imagine all of the most intelligent employees in the business, operating at absolute peak performance, pulling in the same direction, in complete alignment with business strategy. Competitors beware.


What’s Expertship Advocacy?

It’s where we speak at Conferences, publish thought leadership pieces, and generally do anything we can to encourage the personal growth of experts around the world.

Why do you do it?

We’re convinced that the solution to many of the problems we all face, are sitting dormant right now in the minds of experts.

Where do you do it?

Everywhere we get the chance, from right here on this website to conferences all over the place. If you’d like us to speak at an event, or in your organisation, click here and let us know.

How can I get involved?

If you’d like to contribute to the body of work that supports the development of Expertship, then we’d love to hear from you. Click here and let us know.

How can I engage you to speak at a conference?

Just ask! Give us a call on xxxx xxxx , or click here.

How can I engage you to speak at our offices?

Call xxxx xxxx, or click here and ask.


How do I get involved

You’re automatically accepted into the community after you complete the Mastering Expertship Course.

Why should I bother?

You’ll be able to share experiences, and learn from other experts who’ve been through the program. If there’s one thing you should know after completing the course, it’s that you can never stop learning.

What’s the point?

You’ll be able to use it to continue improving your skills, and, it’s a community of your peers, so you might actually enjoy the interaction.

How will I benefit?

You’ll only benefit if you engage with the community. How do you benefit right now when you engage with other experts, some of whom are operating at a higher level than you..?