Experts on their Expertship360 experience
Written by Alistair Gordon 09 Jun 2020

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More than two-thirds of experts who participated in an Expertship360 told us it was the first time they have experienced a structured 360 feedback experience.

As you’ll see from the comments below, it starts out as a challenging experience, but as most of us who have been through a 360-degree survey knows, the feedback is super-valuable.

We asked last year’s participants about their experience.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how valuable did you find the 360-degree survey?

Last year’s The survey group scored their Expertship360 experience as 8.3 out of 10.

Initial thoughts

Contrary to popular believe, experts are very open to getting structured, capability-based feedback from a wider range of stakeholders.

“My experience was 9 out of 10.” B. (Engineering)

“My initial thoughts on undertaking this 360-degree survey? I was excited. I considered it a good chance to learn more about myself and how I’m perceived by others. I felt a little shy to ask co-workers to complete for me. Especially my Removed Stakeholders.” K. (Entertainment)

“I am glad that I had one, as we do not have this in Cenitex, hence I found it very valuable.” J. (Technology)

“Initially I felt uncomfortable and thought it would be a waste of time. But afterwards I rated the experience 10 out of 10.” M. (Construction)

“I was keen to understand my stakeholders’ perspectives, as I tend to only receive feedback from my direct managers. Although I understood the importance of feedback, I was also hesitant to bother people with these types of requests.” M. (Financial Services)

“I was very excited to get the feedback officially from my colleagues about my performance, without knowing the person providing the feedback. I believe this was very beneficial and does not happen often in practical life, as generally you get the performance feedback from your manager, through the official performance review channels.” T. (Engineer, Manufacturing)

“I was positive about it, and it was good timing as I had some new stakeholders and wanted to use it as an opportunity to construct a plan with the feedback.” S. (Oil and Gas)

Did experts find the feedback valuable and insightful, or a waste of time?

“The comments were very useful, the variety of categories give great scope to identify growth areas.” R. (Insurance)

“My experience was 9 out of 10.” B. (Engineering)

 “I found the insight it gave me very valuable.. I learned some interesting things from my co-workers who did it. But also in answering it myself, I found it to be very comprehensive.” K. (Personal Services)

“The most valuable for me was that there were some aspects in the 360 degree evaluation that I hadn’t been evaluated before. This one was much more comprehensive than the ones I had in the past in my previous job. The feedback has helped me to focus in those areas that I need to improve.” K. (Technology).

“Given I work on multiple projects, I found my results varied depending on which project the stakeholder was involved in. This made the comments section most valuable as this provided more meaning to the results.” N. (Project management consulting)

Feedback really is a gift.

Experts undertaking the survey receive a copy of The Expertship Growth Guide , which contains 102 ideas for how to develop higher-level expert skills. Available on all booksales platforms.

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