Coaching for Experts: What is it and why is it needed?

Written by Alistair Gordon 12 May 2021


Many people leaders received coaching from executive coaches - and now all of the benefits that accrue from such coaching is available for your organization’s technical subject matter experts - from Expertunity.

We have a cohort of highly skilled, fully accredited expertship coaches, who can use all of Expertunity’s tools, capability frameworks and publications design specifically for technical experts - to help your high value experts be the best experts they can be.

Any time, anywhere in the world.


Senior subject matter experts are executives like everyone else. They need to build their relationships, innovation, stakeholder engagement and change skills, build expert business acumen, and deliver ever-increasing value to the organization.

But experts are traditionally difficult to get engaged in anything other than technical training. Which is why expertship coaching - coaching designed specifically for experts - is important. Our coaches connect with experts because they have been experts themselves.

By deploying one-to-one coaching for experts you get the outstanding results that your organization - and your experts - deserve.


Because coaching:

  • is a safe place for experts to explore their strengths and growth opportunities;

  • is personal, an initiative where experts feel in control of their learning, choosing their own coach from our list, and being able to choose the topics and discussions that suit them best;

  • uses the Expertship360 to gather meaningful feedback from colleagues and stakeholders which is actionable, but private;

  • enables the coach to help experts overcome the typical challenges they face in the workplace, such as managing competing priorities, information overload, and being deluged by low-value work that stopes them getting to the work where they can really add value.


Typical outcomes we see are:

  • Improved decision-making;

  • Better stakeholder management and engagement - managing stakeholder expectations more effectively;

  • Building more win-win relationships across the organization, outside their technical bubble;

  • Better inter-personal skills, leading to more harmonious and productive relationships with colleagues and other stakeholders;

  • Clearer career objectives and more focused and effective personal growth;

  • Improved time management that allows them to work on higher value work.


We can get your experts up and running with outstanding coaching in a matter of days. It is an ideal way to generate greater value than ever from your top experts, and help them enjoy greater fulfilment in their work.

Contact us today, or download our information pack here.

  • Improved executive presence, and influencing skills

  • prepares experts for their next challenge or engagement;

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