Ad for Master Expert: A new book to help you achieve peak performance, seniority and influence in a technical role.

What's the single most effective training you can give your technical teams?

Kickstart their ability to get things done. Sell ideas. Charm stakeholders. Understand the commercials.

We coach business skills for software engineers, economists medical researchers, scientists, data scientists, lawyers - any highly technical team that needs to be influential and effective.

94% of participants recommend our programs to other experts.

"The [Expertship] program was so incredibly valuable to me and at the risk of sounding a little cliché it has literally changed my life. It was the catalyst for me being promoted to Quality Manager for my state. "
Quality Manager, Health
"Meticulously planned to help the participant understand the subject. "
Premuim Service Desk Analyst, Tech
"The programme has put a mirror in front of me for an honest and objective introspection -enormous value through a wealth of thoughts and tools. "
Risk Manager, Finance

Help technical experts achieve their full business potential

  • Think strategically about customer needs, risk and reward 
  • Prioritise and manage stakeholders
  • Make good business decisions - and explain them to management
  • Help experts drive change, process improvement and new projects across your organisation.

Who's using Expertship to supercharge their experts?

Aon The ABC The BBC Cenitex Clean Energy Finance Commission CS Energy GenesisCare The George Institute Oracle Reserve Bank of New Zealand Sydney Water Vodafone and more.

"Course content was excellent "
Technical Services Manager, Insurance
"The programme offered great insight on how to deal with stakeholders. A programme I would highly recommend to people who want to polish their existing skills"
Senior Test Analyst Technology
"I would say this is the best composed coaching I've ever had. Not even a single moment I felt bored. Top Class!"
Lead Therapy Radiographer, Health

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Two women debugging
Code projected on the face of a man
A woman codes

The first program for subject matter experts, individual contributors and technical specialists

One-off courses in "negotiation 101" or "emotional intelligence" don't work for experts.

Instead, build on a core set of tools to improve the effectiveness of your expert's relationships, projects, strategic knowledge and innovation.

8-10 two-hour online sessions. Managers have input into topic choice

With the core in place, you and your team can focus on organisational needs:

Do you need a strong strategic thinker?

Do you need someone who can open your organisation's mind to new ideas?

Will this expert be your successor, so they need good all-round capability?

Build a better career ladder

An Expertship 360 audit tests your expert's growth in the relationship, value and technical domains.

Understand the path your expert should follow to become a Master Expert - an all-round strategic thinker, not a narrow, transactional technical specialist.

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The Expertship curriculum

Introduction to Expertship

Market Context & Strategic Alignment

Stakeholder Engagement

The Expert as Coach

Expert Knowledge Strategy

Motivating Stakeholders

Personal Impact

Prioritization for Experts

The Art of Influencing

The Expert Art of Solutioning

The Expert as Innovator

Expertship case studies

Join Aon, the ABC, Cenitex, Clean Energy Finance Commission, CS Energy, GenesisCare, the George Institute, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Sydney Water, Vodafone and more.

Case study

How Expertship helped global healthcare provider GenesisCare drive an innovative new strategic approach to health care.

Within a single year, GenesisCare more than doubled in size. How could its People and Culture Team strengthen its technical leadership bench, and ensure 5,500+ healthcare professionals are empowered to challenge cancer and heart disease?

Case study

How Aon supercharged its consultants and technical experts by transforming how it evaluated employee potential

Many organisations aren't quite sure what to do with experts, but insurance giant Aon knows exactly how it will leverage their talent. Kim Johnson, Head of Organisation Development - Pacific at Aon, explains how Aon has made experts central to its organisation.

Case study

Case Study: Cenitex Expertship Journey

CenITex was an early adopter of Expertship. Why has it put more than 50 of its experts through the program?

Expertship resources

Why do technical experts need expertship?
How does Expertship work?
The smartest people in your organisation - now more effective
Increased effectiveness, business focus - and no more barriers

Unlock the potential of your expert teams.

Preview two chapters of Master Expert, starting with "The Expert Energy Engine".