The War for Technical Talent Whitepaper

Written by Alistair Gordon 02 Jul 2022

The War for Technical Talent

Organizational Expertship is a new talent paradigm - timely as we enter the age of expertise.

As the war for technical talent rages, OrgEx is an organisation’s secret weapon.

This whitepaper outlines how organisations can retain and and superpower their experts.

THE WAR FOR TECHNICAL TALENT. How high-performing organizations are driving new levels of advantage through their technical teams by deploying Organizational Expertship

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The world is being re-imagined and designed by technical subject matter experts, and talent teams around the globe need to pivot resources and deploy new thinking to attract, retain, and grow their organization’s technical super stars.

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Expertunity’s Organizational Expertship Model

We have developed a multi-faceted model to help OD professionals understand the levers of organizational Expertship, and how to manipulate them. Please contract us for a briefing, and a free copy of the model.

Download The War for technical talent has neverbeen more intense. This whitepaper covers the tactics the smartest organisations are using to hang on to their best technical talent, and attract new talent.