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Written by Alistair Gordon 29 Jun 2022

Free SME Development resources

Expertunity’s mission is to help all subject matter experts (SMEs) everywhere fulfil their full potential, so it makes sense that we share resources, and what we have learnt, with the whole community. Here is what we have to offer.

The ultimate content site for aspiring experts

Want to build your expertship skills? Look no further than with a comprehensive selection of self-help free articles.

World-first, best practice publications

Expertunity has published two books that help experts achieve their potential.

Master Expert: The ultimate guide for subject matter experts having more influence and impact is a technical subject matter expert’s ultimate manual to advancing their career, influence, and impact. A must-read (according to reviews on various platforms from expert readers).

The Expertship Growth Guide is a perfect guide to how SMEs can build meaningful, actionable Personal Growth Plans, to fulfil their potential.

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A Resource Centre for Leaders of Experts

Leaders of Expert Teams Resource Centre

How do you lead a team of developers, data scientists, actuaries, scientists, engineers or other technical roles when you’re not an expert yourself?

Relevant articles for OD professionals

Attracting and recruiting technical specialists: what does research and the market say?

292,000 data points can’t be wrong: here’s four recommendations for companies who want better relationships with their experts and individual contributors

Organizational Expertship: Game-changing OD

Expertunity’s Director of Research, Darin Fox outlines the key practices that help organizations attract, retain and grow their experts. With inbuilt audit tools, this is a must-read for any OD and L&D professionals. (Coming soon!)

Free Chapter of Master Expert

Download the first chapter of Master Expert for free below.

Download chapter one of Master Expert, "The Age of Experts"