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Summary: Looking to help your technical subject matter experts assess how well they are being experienced by their stakeholders? Look no further than our Exopertship360 survey.
Written by Alistair Gordon 01 Jul 2022

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Experts need feedback too!

Many organisations have 360-degree surveys, and other tools, that help generalists and in particular leaders get feedback from those they work with. This feedback builds self-awareness and generally leads to improved leadership or working habits.

Technical subject matter experts often miss out on these assessments, or worse, are asked to complete a people leadership assessment when they are not people leaders.

Our experience (pver 1500 assessments delivered with more than 15,000 respondents) is that subject matter experts thrive on and act upon feedback when it is properly structured, relevant to their work role, and credible. From this feedback they can shape meaningful and actionable growth plans.

Expertunity can advise you how you might want to build your own assessment for your technical subject matter experts, or you can leverage The Expertship 360, which has the benefit of global benchmarks.

The Expertship360 feedback is delivered by accredited Expertship coaches. It is possible to become accredited to deliver these internally. Expertship 360 Packages

Expertunity also offers a range of psychometric assessments, such as personality, motivation, and cognitive capability.

Expertunity has also produced a perfect companion book for providing experts feedback, with The Expertship Growth Guide .

Download our guide to our tool, the_Expertship360_ below.

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