What is Expertship? An introduction

Written by Grant Heinrich 07 Jun 2020

How do you…

  • Shape a coherent career plan for high-potential technical staff and other experts with no interest in management

  • Maintain motivation and engagement for very bright experts trapped in a cycle of high workloads, repetitive problem solving, and little thanks

  • Reduce ‘single point of failure’ risk, where an overloaded expert becomes the only person who can solve a problem

  • Plan for succession of experts

  • Reduce the danger of flight risk of overworked, unappreciated or unchallenged experts

  • Ensure expert innovation achieves its full business potential

Expertship is a transformative new approach to the development of tech, financial, engineering, scientific, legal, actuarial, manufacturing and other experts – the unsung heroes who keep the lights on in your business. It’s a new way to approach employee potential.

This isn’t about increasing technical skills - most experts manage that on their own. This is about building the enterprise skills in experts, enabling them to create the value and impact they have the potential and aspiration to, using advanced influencing and collaboration skills.

Organising Development for Experts

Expertship initiatives provide critical support and development to high-value technical experts that your organisation needs to retain and grow. And get more value from.

Some organisations are already sensibly investing in their experts - see their stories here.

But many organisations need to launch expertship initiatives, such as building self-aware through expert assessments, developing the leaders of expert teams to be equipped to manage experts brilliantly, or elevating and polishing the enterprise skills of top talent through expertship programs.

Experts respond with passion to the investment. See what experts love about expertship.

Experts developing their own expertship

Some experts are not waiting to see initiatives from their employers - they are taking ownership of their own professional growth. They are subscribing to expertship blogs, buying relevant books, or understanding programs that are available and then persuading their employer to fund their registration.

Available as a six-month intensive program of workshops and one-on-one coaching, or as a series of virtual masterclasses, Expertship challenges experts to apply their intelligence to your business problems. It pushes each expert to create real impact and genuinely collaborative work. And once the program is done, our alumni network helps keeps experts accountable to their goals, ensuring the Expertship toolkit is not forgotten.

Expertship’s time has come

It’s an HR and OD strategy that sits alongside traditional development of people managers – but aims at a quite different outcome. Leadership development is for employees who have the potential to be great people managers. Expertship is for technical experts whose ideas have the potential to transform your business.

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