How we grow experts
Summary: Expertunity provides a range of services that help experts fulfil their professional potential, including our signature program Mastering Expertship, and a range of books and self-paced programs to help every technical subject matter expert excel in their role.
Written by Unassigned 30 May 2022

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Develop your Subject Matter Experts

Expertunity exists to give every expert the opportunity to fulfil their potential to create the maximum value possible for their organizations.

We assist organizations globally by providing a range of world class pre-designed programs, along with customized designs built to client specification.

Our pre-designed programs include:

Mastering Expertship

This is the world’s premium professional growth opportunity for technical subject matter experts. A combination of workshops, assessments, self-paced learning and individual coaching, with significant manager involvement built it, it is supported by a range of unique publications(Master Expert: The ultimate guide for subject matter experts having more influence and impact and The Expertship Growth Guide ) that no other provider can match. Mastering Expertship earns rave reviews from its now very sizable alumni, the vast majority of organizations who pilot the program make a long-term offering for their subject matter experts. Look at the detail of the Mastering Expertship Program here, where the various modes are delivery are also described.

We run public programs every quarter deploying Mastering Expertship for individual experts from different organizations every month.

Leader of Experts

This is our short program designed to help leaders of experts teams lead their experts more effectively. As we describe in this article on this site, leading technical employees who are in many cases more expert that the leader is a different challenge. This one-day program, along with associated one to one coaching sessions, helps leaders of experts to coach their team members to greater impact and engagement. Leader of Experts receives very high ratings from participants, many of whom were skeptical of its value initially. We offer public programs and in-house programs.

Executive Coaching for Subject Matter Experts

For so long the preserve of senior leaders, the value of coaching more widely across any organization is now far better understood. Having developed a range of resources, such as the Expertship Model, the Expertship 360, the Master Expert book, and the Expertship Growth Guide, our fully accredited coaches around the world are ideally positioned to create a powerful, safe and private learning experience for technical experts from any technical domain. Details of our unique and easy to deploy coaching for SME’s service can be found here.

Customised In-House Programs

Expertunity works closely with several clients to deliver custom-designed versions of the above programs for individual organizations. Please contact us for a briefing of our process.

Self-Paced Programs for Individual Experts

Those experts unsupported by their organizations can still experience powerful professional development from Expertunity. We offer a range of personal packages that allow experts to invest in advancing their influence, impact, and careers. A very affordable starting point is getting feedback on how we are experienced as an expert by our colleagues through the Expertship360. Several Expertship 360 Packages are available..

Consultancy Services

Several of our clients build and run their own Expertship programs, but have recruited Expertunity to help in the design process, and leverage several of our assets. Several clients have engaged Expertunity to help them develop Organizational Expertship (OrgEx), a much wider workforce strategy to attract, retain and leverage the very best experts. Contact us for more information.

Alumni Network

Expertunity has recently launched its alumni network for graduates of its programs. Membership of the alumni qualifies graduates for discounts on Expertship books, assessments, and on-going coaching, and access to its learning portal and free quarterly webinars.

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