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Written by Darin Fox 28 Sep 2023

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Hello, I’m Darin Fox. I’m currently serving as the Chief Research Officer and Principal Consultant at Expertunity and HFL Leadership. I have a genuine passion for nurturing learning and growth in individuals and organizations, particularly, by working with people with deep subject matter expertise in their fields.

In 2020, I embarked on a new chapter when I joined HFL and Expertunity as a consultant, coach, group facilitator, and research leader. My primary focus is to reduce the complexities and obstacles surrounding expertise development within organizations and raise the critical importance of deep subject matter expertise in the community and the world.

My coaching style is a fusion of compassion and results-oriented dedication. In each coaching session, my primary goal is to ensure tangible progress, no matter how small, while guiding clients toward their overarching purpose and objectives. My ultimate passion lies in empowering subject matter experts to not only excel in their respective fields but also become leaders within their organizations and communities. Based on feedback from my clients, I excel in equipping technical experts with strategic thinking, helping them navigate complexity, influencing others, and enhancing their commercial acumen.

Before my time at Expertunity, I was a senior leader in HR and capability for over twenty years in industries such as banking, finance, telecommunications, and utilities. Collaborating closely with HR colleagues, C-suite executives, and heads of technical functions, often crafting future-ready enterprise strategies aimed at enhancing organizational capabilities and building learning cultures. Yet, my proudest memories are of individuals sharing with me that I had inspired them to begin their own learning journey.

My educational journey has been equally fulfilling. I hold a Master’s degree in Management, with a specialization in Organizational Change, where I graduated with distinction. My thesis delved into the crucial role of internal political skills in orchestrating successful organizational transformations. My academic journey began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts obtained in Canada, providing me with a unique perspective to assist experts in creating innovative yet pragmatic solutions.

I am Canadian born and raised but have been an Australian since 1998. Sydney-based, I am married to a beautiful Australian, father to a teenage math wiz, and owner of an extroverted dog and a highly introverted cat.

My own learning journey is one of unwavering commitment to growth and curiosity. I approach my work with humility and a profound belief in the transformative potential within individuals and organizations. I hope my legacy is one of dedicated service, a genuine passion for inspiring the desire for personal growth, and confidence in the possibilities of people I have the privilege to work with.

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