Expertship 360 Packages
Summary: We offer a variety of ways to get your experts some great feedback. From a simple survey to a coaching package combo, we have the lot.
Written by Alistair Gordon 08 Jun 2020

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Expertship 360 PACKAGES

Expertunity, the designer of the Expertship 360, offers the following delivery packages.

These packages are indicative - we can custom any particular combination of those elements below as a client requires.

Expertship 360 Standard Package

This package includes:

  • 15-minute induction telephone call with our Expertship team, to help the expert understand the survey, and populate the respondent list successfully. We explain our safety and confidentiality processes during this call as well.

  • Running of the Expertship 360 survey, with up to 20 respondents.

  • Communications for respondents, and for the experts to send to the respondents to encourage quick and comprehensive responses.

  • A one hour one-to-one feedback session with an accredited expertship coach.

  • A copy of the Expertship Growth Guide, a book which provides over 100 growth initiatives for experts to pursue, linked directly to the Expertship 360.

  • A fifteen minute consultation with the coach to discuss the Personal Growth Plan shaped by the participant.

Expertship 360 Premium

This package includes all of the aspects above, plus:

  • A facilitated three-way ‘check-in’ meeting between the expert, their manager, and the coach to discuss the Personal Growth Plan, and development aspirations.

  • Three 60 minute coaching sessions with their expertship coach, to help the expert to execute their plan, and master new behaviors.

  • A facilitated three way ‘check-out’ meeting between the expert, their manager, and the coach to discuss the progress made, and plan for next steps.

Expertship 360 Extended

Blocks of three additional coaching sessions are available for booking at any time after the deliver of either the Classic Package or the Premium Package above.

Volume Purchases

Expertunity works with several organizations who are introducing Expertship 360s to marge cohorts of experts. We offer appropriate incentives for volume purchases. Discounts start with as few as ten surveys.

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