Want to try out expertship? Here's how to join fellow experts in an Expertship pod
Summary: Looking to take the initiative and either persuade yourself, your manager, or your organisation to invest in your leadership development? Here's how to persuade them to find you a place in an Expertship program.
Written by Alistair Gordon 13 Jun 2020

Image credit: Ben Sweet on Unsplash

Want to get proactive?

Most managers are unaware of options like Expertship which offer them the opportunity to:

  • invest in their direct reports directly - without having to wait for months and years for ‘organization-wide’ programs from the learning and development department to be organized;

  • start straight away - because it is small group coaching, managers can quickly form a pod of three participants from their organisation;

  • customize topics to exactly what they want their direct reports to work on;

  • even have one of the their direct reports join a multi-company pod, organized by Expertunity.

If you want to accelerate your career and leadership development, you need to lead them to this site.


  1. Make sure your leader understands you want to develop your expertship skills. Be prepared to explain what the benefits would be for not just you, but also your manager, your team and the wider organization. Download a guide as to what you will learn on the program.

  2. Give your manager ‘easy-to-say-yes-to’ options. They will want to know the program is proven to work, established, has major companies already investing in it, gets excellent scores from participants and their managers. Mastering Expertship ticks all of these boxes. Go to our product pages to download information on the program to give to your leader.

  3. Explain to your manager they will be involved every step of the way. You manager will get briefs on what you will be learning, they also have access to all of the materials, and they’ll get to meet your Expertship coach twice during the journey. Many leaders want to know what you are working on, and at Expertunity, we make sure they are in sync all the way.

  4. Choose your Pod Start date. If you are promoting the program, you have to decide whether you can put a pod together internally (that is, find three other technical subject matter experts who want professional development in Expertship as well), or do you want to join a multi-client pod (which start up every month in most areas of the world. You can use the form below to nominate for such a program.

  5. Be ready to justify the expense. Contact us to understand the costs, and when we provide these to you, we’ll also provide a sheet explaining the long term organizational benefits of investing in growing Expertship skills.

It is worth the effort

Even if you don’t get on a Expertship program immediately, you’ll have signposted your ambition to your leader and the wider organization to be the best subject matter expert you can be, and your commitment to self-learning.

And if you do get on a Expertship program, you’ll join more than two thousand experts who have told us its the best professional development training they have ever had.

For further information contact us here.

Download six things experts will learn in an Expertship program