The Expertunity modules in detail

Introduction to Expertship

How do we be the most influential and impactful expert that we can be? What are the attributes, skills and experiences that will help us increase our influence and impact as experts?

Building Others Expertise and self reliance

Whilst experts are naturally the most informed people in their various areas of expertise, there is often considerable merit in their equipping others to exercise greater self-reliance and build their capabilities in doing so.

Market Context & Strategic Alignment

To align their advice and services with organizational strategy, it's vital that experts develop a sufficient understanding of the broader organizational context.

Stakeholder Engagement

Experts typically have complex roles – involving liaising with, attending to the needs, and enlisting the commitment of a wide variety of stakeholders. Without successfully engaging all these stakeholders, it's unlikely experts will achieve optimal outcomes.

Advanced Collaboration

In order to achieve optimal collaboration with others, there are a number of key skills to master - including influencing, listening and courageous conversations

Advanced Stakeholder Engagement

Without deep insights into human motivations, it's unlikely that experts will foster the highest levels of engagement, commitment, discretionary effort, support, etc from stakeholders.

Expert knowledge strategy

If experts don’t masterfully curate knowledge, this can create an over-dependence on the expert who tacitly hoards all knowledge in their head.

Innovation & Change

Some experts embrace their role in instigating innovation and change initiatives – but, for want of any formal learning in these areas – underestimate the degree of disruption this causes in other stakeholders’ lives. They are taken aback by the resistance they face

Personal Impact

Experts are blessed with substantial IQ, critical thinking abilities, and the ability to solve problems individually. In order to achieve results with others, this must be complemented by additional skills.

Prioritization for experts

Experts spend much of their day attending to inbound queries (with varying degrees of importance). Rarely is there anyone that they can hand off such requests to because their knowledge is so specialised no one else is able to assist.


While most experts wish to add value and are responsive to inbound requests, all too often they don’t venture beyond the “technical brief”.