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We run practical webinars regularly on Expertship, organisational development, coaching and other skills. Next up: Mastering Expertship Webinar / Q&A 9 December 2022 2pm.

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In the face of hugely increased competition, how do you hire and develop the technical expertise needed to make better decisions in an increasingly complex global business environment? Join our webinar Weds 8 Dec 8AM Sydney time to find out.

Technical teams – such as IT, finance, HR, engineering and so on - are comprised of many senior individual contributors who are experts in their respective fields. Does that mean leaders must approach them differently? Why, and how?

We've analysed 4000 contributions to performance reviews of technical specialists and individual contributors. What makes an expert a Master Expert?

Very senior participants; a complex agenda; a vitally important organisational goal – pre-crisis, this was the sort of meeting you'd absolutely have refused to run over Zoom. How did Jarrad O'Brien of the SA Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health (CEIH) host a better, more effective virtual session?

Whether you're an HR strategist looking to audit organisational innovation, or a manager of experts wanting to improve the performance of a team member, the Expertship model will help you evaluate, manage and improve the performance of technical specialists. Join our Webinar to find out how.

Difficult conversations with peers, performance management, appraisals - they were all difficult enough when both parties were in the same room. Now on screen, where you can’t offer a tissue, or ensure an atmosphere of calm. How do you run, prepare for and follow up the most difficult work conversations over Zoom?

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