Leader of Experts
Learn the skills you need to manage teams of technical experts and individual contributors

No more "business as usual"

The last thing you want as a manager of a team of technical specialists is to keep on with “business as usual”. But how do you encourage a team to grow that is narrowly focused on developing only its technical skills?

You need a wider conversation. Experts add much more value by when they couple their technical skills to strong commercial acumen.

Expertunity’s unique and groundbreaking Expertship Model helps leaders of experts challenge their departments to achieve more than just “business as usual”. It helps experts and individual contributors see how they can operate at a higher level – and few turn down the challenge to become the best expert they can.

This LEADER OF EXPERTS program is designed to help leaders of experts quickly master and deploy the Expertship Model, then to use that to drive really effective conversations about growth, targets, and achieving your organisation’s goals.

All within a single day.

What challenges do Leaders of Experts face?

The challenges of managing expert teams

What you'll learn at Leader of Experts

We’ll explore the Expertship Model so that, as a leader of experts, you are confident in talking about it, explaining it, and mostly importantly, leveraging it to help your experts find the next level of performance.

We’ll explore best practice for getting your experts to use the model to self assess, and then for you to add your feedback. We’ll also explore the Expertship 360, a tool that can be used to get much broader,
objective feedback from the experts’ stakeholders.

This is where the rubber hits the road. We’ll rapidly cover best practice techniques to make these conversations enjoyable and effective. We’ll capture and discuss how to deal with typical objections we get from experts.

If it doesn’t get documented, it won’t get done. We’ll explore how to assist experts in writing a meaningful and actionable Personal Growth Plan (PGP). Every participant gets a copy of our unique 250 page Expertship Growth Guide to help them do this.

We’ll explore best practice and strategies for getting experts back on track if they lose momentum (as many do, because change is hard).

Who should attend – and why?


Any executive who leads teams of technical experts, and who wants to help those experts get to a higher level of performance and value add.
The content suits C-level heads of enabling functions functions (such as IT, legal, risk, finance, and HR). Heads of Engineering would also find the content highly valuable.

We recommend the workshop to managers about to take on leadership of a team of experts, especially if this is the first time you’ve managed individual contributors or specialists.

Powering up your experts has huge organisational and personal advantages. They add more value. They cause less friction. They stay longer, and in a more positive mindset. They promote the department brand positively rather than negatively. Powered up experts are a joy to work with and create enormous value via collaboration.

No death by PowerPoint. These sessions are designed for smart senior executives who want to get to the bottom of things, fast. A highly collegiate, collaborative design, where the facilitators facilitate, not teach.

Program details: Leader of Experts

Anyone can attend a public course. See our Program dates page for dates and booking.

Some organisations to develop only within their organisation only, and to train leaders in groups to ensure internal management style is consistent. If that is your approach, ask about in-house courses, which allow us to customise the content to your precise needs.


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