About us

Written by Alistair Gordon 23 Feb 2021

An Innovative Executive Development Group

The HFL Group, established more than 25 years ago, has for nearly three decades services large to medium sized organisations – both private and public sector – across Australia and New Zealand. In the last ten years we have increasingly serviced organisations across Asia. Since COVID, we have now delivered virtually in both the UK and the USA.

Our business is based on a core team of specialists (think Centre of Excellence for Leadership and Expertship design) supported by a highly experience program management team (so that complex designs run smoothly), and a cohort of over 40 accredited coaches and facilitators.

Many of these external consultants have worked with HFL for over a decade, and are very much an included part of our team. This business model enables us to scale solutions for clients almost instantly. We launched for a client, for example, a program for 150 front line leaders, which heavily involved their 80 managers, in three weeks. The program achieved record Net Promoter Scores scores for that client.

Global delivery in a virtual world

For many years our delivery footprint has been exclusively in the Asia-Pacific, in the days when face-to-face delivery was the norm and required. In recent times, as virtual delivery has been proved to be successful, effective, and in some ways superior to face-to-face delivery, our reach has expanded. We are delivering programs now in a virtual globally.

As this website will show you, we operate three distinct divisions –

  • HFL Consulting designs and delivers custom-designed leadership programs, and also houses our extensive executive coaching practice;
  • Fastlead delivers our innovative small group coaching leadership programs (Fastlead for front-line leaders, Fastlead Plus for middle managers, and Fastlead Virtual Leader (an innovative self-paced learning online program to build virtual leadership skills); and
  • Expertunity designs and delivers Expertship programs, designed to help valuable technical experts build career-changing enterprise skills to complement their technical skills. We operate two main programs, Leader of Experts (for managers of expert teams, and Mastering Expertship (for the experts themselves). Expertunity operates worldwide, and is the world leader in its field.

HFL group is a privately owned company, which is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, but boasts a team of permanent employees from around the world.

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