Master Expert: The ultimate guide for subject matter experts having more influence and impact

Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 08 Jul 2021

How experts become master experts

Expertunity Principal Consultants Alistair Gordon and Dominic Johnson combine to produce the complete manual for professional success.

Master Expert is 50 chapters of easy to digest, easy to implement processes and behaviors that elevate SMEs from mere Experts to guru Master Experts. Essential reading for technical subject matter experts who want to advance their career, have more fulfilling professional lives, and make a difference to their organization.

It’s a distillation of 10 years of coaching Expertship into a single volume. It is a book that took three years to write.

Whatever non-technical challenge a subject matter expert might face, we’re confident the book offers a tool, technique, checklist, or action plan to help.

Review #1: Amazon Customer, UK

I don’t just think this book is the future, I think it’s of the now. Ultimately what more could any one want than a company of Master Experts who believe in the organisational purpose and are trusted to be an informer, custodian and guardian of it.

The dialogue is easy to absorb and the style of the book is to give information not instructions. It has a strong theme of raising awareness and then responsibility in the reader to take action.

This book is unique in that it is authentically focussed on the agenda, goals and growth of growth of the technical specialist/expert.

The style is an intro to the model of expertship then has a comprehensive manual style guide in how to convert the theory into actions.

Review #2: Dolly, Amazon

I have to say I’m impressed. I haven’t had time to read it all the way through yet, but what I have read has been top notch. I wish I had this information when I entered the job market. Anyone in a technical job should read this book and implement it in their lives. I’ll be updating this review when I’m finished reading it.

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What’s in the book?

Want to audit your mastery of Expertship? Chapter 2.

Chapter 02: Our next Expertship Audit design

Keep flagging and want to maintain energy? Chapter 9.

Chapter 09: The Expert Energy Engine

Need to say “no” to work but not quite sure how to do it? Chapter 10.

Chapter 10: The Art of Saying No

Want helping influencing your team? Chapter 11.

Chapter 23 The Desire to Influence

Not sure how to repair a broken stakeholder relationship? Chapter 12 - and 13, and 14, and more. There’s a lot on stakeholders.

Chapter 13 Stakeholder Mapping

Trying to decide the best way to pitch a new project? Chapter 26.

The decision making grid

It goes on - with 115 checklists, charts, tools, techniques, and 121 ideas highlighted across the book that help experts make small, critical improvements every day.

The content in detail

PART 01 About Expertship

Table of Contents

01 The Age of the Expert

02 The Expertship Model

03 How to Get the Best From This Book


Mastering Personal Impact

04 Exploring Our Personal Brand

05 The Brand Power of Emotional Intelligence

06 Being a Positive Influence

07 Being Self-Aware and Adaptive

08 Being a Results Driver

09 The Expert Energy Engine

10 The Art of Saying No

11 Mastering Courageous Conversations

Mastering Stakeholder Engagement

12 Expert Stakeholder Strategy

13 Stakeholder Mapping

14 Building Internal Networks

15 Building External Networks

16 Managing Our Networks

17 What Motivates Stakeholders?

18 Intelligent Networking

Mastering Collaboration

19 The Barriers to Collaboration

20 The Power of Listening

21 The Madness of Meetings

22 The Many Team Roles of Experts

23 The Desire to Influence

24 Next-Level Communication

25 The Expert as Diplomat

PART 03 The Value Domain

Mastering Market Context

26 Why Market Context Matters So Much

27 Becoming a Student of Your Organization

28 Becoming a Student of the Competition

29 Becoming a Student of our Customers

Mastering Value Impact

30 Understanding Value Impact

31 Creating Operational Value

32 Creating Customer Value

33 Creating Competitive Advantage

Mastering Change Agility

34 Change Agility

35 Being a Change Supporter

36 Being a Change Catalyst

37 The Expert’s Role in Leading Change

PART 04 The Technical Domain

Mastering Expert Knowledge

38 Leveraging Expert Knowledge

39 The Art of Knowledge Seeking

40 The Art of Knowledge Curation

41 The Art of Knowledge Generation

Mastering Solutioning

42 The Expert Art of Solutioning

43 Identifying Problems

44 Solving Problems

45 Actively Responding

Mastering Knowledge Transfer

46 Knowledge Transfer

47 Knowledge Sharing

48 Becoming a Knowledge Coach

49 Building a Talent Factory

50 Building a Personal Growth Plan

PART 05 Additional Resources


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