Your technical specialists want to achieve the impossible. But they need your help.

Technical specialists. Subject matter experts. Individual contributors.

These are some of your smartest people, which is probably why you're always asking them to achieve the impossible.

An unhappy woman
"Can you convince 30 senior people to spend three hours on your plan to reduce red tape
when they’re not your direct reports?"
An unhappy man
"Can you explain a complex regulatory issue to the CEO
if you’ve never been coached on how to present to management?"
An unhappy man
"Can you write a business case to improve customer service
when you’ve never been taught to write a case, or how to credibly measure risk?"

Their idea is terrific, but the pitch doesn’t convince. The plan doesn’t fly. The level of influence required just isn’t there.

What can you do? The expert - and your organisation - has been let down by a lack of development of expertship skills.

Our flagship program, Mastering Expertship, is the first online coaching course focused on turning neglected technical specialists into organisational superstars.

Introduction to Expertship

Building Others Expertise and self reliance

Market Context & Strategic Alignment

Stakeholder Engagement

Advanced Collaboration

Advanced Stakeholder Engagement

Expert knowledge strategy

Innovation & Change

Personal Impact

Prioritization for experts


The Mastering Expertship program takes just 16 weeks, and you can test it by sending along a single expert.

Download the Mastering Expertship prospectus for more detail on individual modules, why our online small-group coaching approach works, the Expertship Model and Expertship360, pricing, booking and more.

94% of participants recommend the program to other experts.

Download the Mastering Expertship prospectus

Why do technical experts need expertship?
The smartest people in your organisation - now more effective
Increased effectiveness, business focus - and no more barriers

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