Transform technical experts into organisational superstars.

94% of participants recommend our programs to other experts.

"Skills and strategies I learned on the course have been directly useful in my day to day work - ultimately assisting me in a recent internal promotion. "
Adviser, Industry Insights and Thematics, Banking
"The coaches brought an enormous amount of experience and insights to the programme. "
System Risk Manager, Insurance
"It was wonderful learning session. "
Senior Business Analyst, Insurance
"The best composed coaching I have ever had. I wasn't bored for a single moment. "
Senior Business Analyst, Insurance
"Insightful and inspirational. The length, content and facilitators were all just right. "
Technical Executive, Insurance
"Really enjoyed the mix of coaching methods. My coach asked very good questions. "
PASS team leader, Banking
"Bought the leadership skills together with a view to how to use those without being in a people leadership role. "
Data Architect, Digital Strategy, Banking
"[Mastering Expertship] made me more confident in my engagement with clients, the market and my colleagues. "
Client Manager, Insurance

Engineers. Coders. Policy writers. Actuaries. Strategists. Medical researchers. Analysts. Technicians. In fact, any kind of subject matter expert or individual contributor.

They're some of your smartest people.

But you ask them to achieve the impossible.

An unhappy woman
"Can you convince 30 senior people to spend three hours on your plan to reduce red tape
when they’re not your direct reports?"
An unhappy man
"Can you explain a complex regulatory issue to the CEO
if you’ve never been coached on how to present to management?"
An unhappy man
"Can you write a business case to improve customer service
when you’ve never been taught to write a case, or how to credibly measure risk?"

Their idea is terrific, but the pitch doesn’t convince. The plan doesn’t fly. The level of influence required just isn’t there.

What can you do? The expert - and your organisation - has been let down by a lack of development of expertship skills.

Our flagship program, Mastering Expertship, is the first online coaching course focused on turning neglected technical specialists into organisational superstars.

94% of participants recommend the program to other experts.

Mastering Expertship challenges every participant to create a personal growth plan

Making theory practical: the benefits of episodic learning

Participants mix coaching, learning from expert peers, with concise, challenging pre- and post- work exercises that embed their learning.

Between coaching sessions, they try out the new techniques they’ve learned in their day-to-day work.

A screen showing a teleconference learning session
An icon showing a checklist on a clipboard

Learn, embed, apply: the personal growth plan

Every Mastering Expertship participant creates a Personal Growth Plan in collaboration with their manager and coach. Through the program, it’s continually updated with real-life actions the participant will take to take to embed their learning.

Concise learning for busy leaders

Pre- and post-work is always concise, achiveable exercises that embed learning. For instance, pre-work may ask the participant to spend a maximum of 20 minutes reflecting on how they personally delegate, or manage upward - then to add ideas for improvement to their action plan.

A hand holding a machine cog
Arrows drawn to connect three people

We ask managers to get and stay involved

Mastering Expertship features regular three-way check ins and debriefs for the manager, coach, and participant.

There’s two benefits: participants don’t forget what their manager asked them to achieve - and managers are reminded to offer the participant lots of opportunity to embed new skills.

Quickly, efficiently organised - with no extra work for you.

Don’t worry, our program management team and automated systems do all the logistics work of keeping sessions and pre/post work in sync.

Our client portal keeps you updated about the learning progress of your small groups, and their participants and action plans.

A person in the middle of turning cogs
A group of people

"Thank you for investing in us".

Mastering Expertship is often the first intensive coaching an expert has had. They’re flattered, inspired and challenged.

And their confidence and decision making benefit enormously from honest discussion with peers of their fears and expectations.

Experts need different skills to traditional leaders - and a more holistic approach.

Introduction to Expertship

Building Others Expertise and self reliance

Market Context & Strategic Alignment

Stakeholder Engagement

Advanced Collaboration

Advanced Stakeholder Engagement

Expert knowledge strategy

Innovation & Change

Personal Impact

Prioritization for experts


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Want to know more?

The Mastering Expertship program takes just 16 weeks, and you can test it by sending along a single expert.

Download the short guide to Mastering Expertship for more detail on individual modules, why our online small-group coaching approach works, the Expertship Model and Expertship360, pricing, booking and more.

Download a short guide to Expertship

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